Butterflies in October

by merry on October 30, 2014

I absolutely love butterflies. And this year has been one of the most affluent as far as these lovely insects are concerned. Since I live in Florida, it’d be easy to get passive about the joys of witnessing wild life. But butterflies…they ALWAYS evoke a special gratitude in me for the very fact of their existence.

And one of my favorite species are zebra butterflies. Something especially magical about those guys. Maybe it’s their wing shape, their overall design…they even seem friendlier and less wild than their swallowtail or other “brethren.” I may be imagining this, but that’s how they affect me.

I should probably design some zebra butterflies. I imagine I could- then I’d have something of the flavor of Florida in my jewelry line. Better that than an alligator or palmetto bug.

What do you think of butterflies? Do they hold a special place in your heart?