Sterling Silver is Easy to Take Care of!

by merry on July 3, 2014

Sterling Silver is Easy to  Take Care ofI’ve known people to shy away from wearing sterling silver jewelry because they’re afraid it might tarnish. Well, it is true; real 92.5 sterling silver jewelry will tarnish when exposed to the sulfur in the air. And some (very few) people have a body chemistry that reacts with the sterling silver and can turn it dark in a very short time. I have heard anecdotally that certain antibiotics and medicines can cause a person’s body chemistry to alter and react with silver to turn it dark.

But that is very rare. I’ve been selling my designs cast in sterling silver since about 2001, and only a very small handful of people (less than five) had any trouble with silver turning dark due to their body chemistry.

How to Get a Super Shiny Polish

My favorite home-spun polishing method is one I learned from my mother, Kathryn Hutton, in the 1950s. I made use of it when polishing the good silver ware for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner way back when.

In fact, you probably have it in your cupboard at home right now!

It’s baking soda.

Yep, plain old baking soda. Just make a thick paste of baking soda and water, rub it into your tarnished silver, and watch the tarnish just exit! You can see the baking soda turning dark right before your very eyes.

Rinse it off and polish and dry with a soft cloth.

Sometimes the simple methods are the best.

But since I have a lot of silver to polish when I’m getting ready to do a show, I usually use a polishing cloth. The ones I like best are called “sunshine cloths” and they are saturated with some kind of chemical that polishes away the tarnish. Of course, I would rather use the baking soda if I could. I’m not a big fan of chemicals.

So polish those pretties, and let me know how you like my old fashioned treatment!